facial cupping workshop

Facial Cupping Workshop

Feel like your face looks tired, saggy, puffy, with new wrinkles constantly appearing? 

Let me walk you through the steps of full Facial Cupping routine – straight from the blue zone in Costa Rica!

November 30th 9AM GMT-6

Join Me Live & Learn How To Rejuvenate Your Face With Cupping Therapy

  • An entire Facial Cupping routine
  • Different cupping techniques, angles and postures
  • Contraindications of Facial Cupping therapy explained
  • Face mapping and how to recognize internal imbalances, how to support your body
  • Extra BONUS techniques for: congested sinuses, headaches and acne scars/marks

Non-invasive rejuvenation ritual that give you results

Tones, tightens, lifts and sculpts the skin

Minimize appearance of your wrinkles, fine lines and scars

Boost lymphatic drainage and de-puff problem areas, like under eyes

Increases natural production of collagen + balance oil production


"I've been doing the routine for 2 weeks now, the puffiness in my face is gone! AND UNDER EYE BAGS ARE SO MUCH BETTER!"