Alina Zamir is a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine, L.Ac, With a clinical experience of over 7 years. She studied for 5 years in "Broshim- a school of TCM" in TLV, Israel.

Her private clinic is located in Nosara, Costa rica, where she offers different healing modalities for the community and the tourists.

Her main practices are:

After getting her education, practice and clinical experience in Israel she decided to chase her dream and moved with her family to Costa Rica.

As a Therapist, Surfer, Mother and Wife - she finds the quiet life in the jungle, by the ocean and nature - the best way to live.

Her enthusiasm to share her practice and knowledge about Chinese Medicine, healthy lifestyle, nutrition and natural skin rejuvenation techniques, pushes her to see more and more patients and help as many people as she can every day.