Lift & Sculpt Facial Massage Workshop

learn how to:
eliminate wrinkles,
Lift Your Face & glow

feel like your face looks tired, saggy, puffy, with new wrinkles constantly appearing?

Join me and upgrade your appearance!

Hi, I’m Alina!

A licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine,

L.Ac, with educational & clinical experience over 7 years.

The founder of Nosara Acupuncture & Alinativa.

My main practices are:

•Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

•Face & Body Rejuvenation acupuncture

•Face & Body cupping therapy, Gua Sha, Facial massage techniques 

•Nutrition & Lifestyle adjustments by TCM

•Shiatsu therapy

After getting my education, practice and clinical experience in Israel

I decided to chase my dream and moved with my family to Nosara, Costa Rica.

As a Therapist, Surfer, Mother and Wife –

I finds the quiet life in the jungle, by the ocean and nature – the best way to live.

My enthusiasm to share the knowledge about Chinese Medicine, healthy lifestyle,

nutrition and natural rejuvenation beauty techniques, pushes me to create

more and more educational content, online courses and offerings

and grow my clinical practice in Nosara.

  • The full Lift & Sculpt facial massage routine:

    •Reduce wrinkles & fine lines

    •Sculpt jawline & cheekbones

    •Lift cheeks & Eyebrows

    •Plump the lips

    •Lymphatic drainage techniques- Reduce puffiness and under eye bags.

    •Reduce muscle tension in the face & improve blood circulation.

  • Learn Face & Body acupressure points & techniques to boost your practice, for best results.

  • Learn about the Chinese medicine organs face map- which organs, meridians, emotions, are related to different areas of the face and how to balance them by performing the Lift & Sculpt facial massage.

  • Hands on! We will practice together and I will make sure you are doing it correctly!

​Is this workshop for me?

What are the benefits of Lift & Sculpt facial massage?

•Decreases appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
•Reduces puffiness and under eye bags
•Sculpts & lifts different areas of the face
•Enhance symmetricity in the face
•Relaxes facial muscles & Increases blood circulation. 

Can I participate with no previous experience?

​Yes! I will guide you through all the techniques and make sure that you are doing everything correctly. 

​I want to prevent saggy skin and droopy eyelids.

The Lift & Tone facial massage will lift your eyebrows, open up your eyes, tone and lift your skin.

How long is the workshop?

​The workshop is 2 hours. 

​How fast will I see results?

After the first week of practice you will start seeing change in your face- I recommend performing the Lift & Sculpt facial massage routine 2-6 times per week, for best results. 

I want to prevent saggy skin and droopy eyelids.

The Lift & Sculpt facial massage routine will lift your eyebrows, open up your eyes, tone and lift your skin.

​I want to reduce signs of aging naturally.

The different techniques of Lift & Sculpt facial massage will help you to reduce signs of aging, get smoother, tighter & glowing skin- naturally and non invasively.

Can I reach out for support?

Of course! you may reach out by email and send me any questions, concerns that arise!