Gua Sha tool

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This high quality Facial Gua Sha tool, is made from white jade stone. It’s unique shape designed to sculpt and rejuvenate the skin- each edge is designed especially for different area of the face. White Jade has the ability to mellow down your thoughts, emotions, and actions. It will also help you rid yourself of negative energies and negative thoughts.  

Facial Gua Sha Benefits

  • Stimulates lymphatic systems
  • Plumps the skin
  • Boosts Collagen Production
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Improves Skin texture
  • Decreases Puffiness & Under Eye Bags
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • lifts & Sculpts chin, jawline, cheeks and neck
  • Long-lasting results are best maintained with consistent use, 2 to 3 times a week up to once daily
White Jade Is a calcium magnesium silicate mineral. It was regarded as ancient China’s most precious, intrinsically valuable stone. It has a positive and brilliant power of light that’s right within the stone and holds a lot of meaning and plenty of healing properties-
  • Able to mellow down your thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • Purifies the energies of your heart
  • Helps to get rid of negative energies and negative thoughts
White Jade also can help the body heal itself-
  • Detoxifies the system
  • Helps with fluid retention, irregular blood sugar levels, high blood pressure
  • Stabilizes the reproductive system and it can protect both baby and mommy during pregnancy

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