Premium Rejuvenation Plan

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Get rejuvenated within 3 weeks! This Face, body & mind premium rejuvenation package Includes 3 Customized private sessions 45 min each

Week #1 – Introduction & customized Facial Cupping:

This is my chance to get to know you better and understand, from a TCM (Traditional chines medicine) perspective, more about your meridian system and to recognize the imbalances within. We will dive into your physical and emotional state – from your monthly cycle to digestion, your rejuvenation goals and much more. After understanding your meridians and organs imbalances, skin and face structure and rejuvenation goals we will begin the practical part of best Facial Cupping techniques for you !  

Week #2 – Facial Gua Sha and body customized acupressure routine:

We will start with a quick reminder and Q&A of what we’ve learned last week. Right after that, i will teach you the whole Facial Gua Sha routine which i will tailor especially for your face structure and skin conditions. We will talk about acupressure and other meridian massage techniques, and how you can use it on yourself to balance your meridian system and support your health.  

Week #3 – Nutrition tips, releasing unnecessary old patterns and customized breathing techniques for inner balance and healing :

We will start with a quick reminder and Q&A of what we’ve learned last week. I will share with you a list of foods that will support your system and some healthy & easy recipes which you may include in your daily diet. We will talk about changing old patterns and will learn about creating new ones for more balanced life. And as a relaxing ending to out rejuvenation journey, i will teach you a few breathing techniques that will help you to maintain a healthy body & mind.   Hope you are, as myself, very exited to start our Premium Rejuvenation journey together!

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